Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Opening Saturday night June 14th at 6PM....                                                                                           With the work of...

Farrel Brickhouse
Mason Saltarrelli
Sydney Albertini
Eric (Randy) Johnsen

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Out of The Sea / Into The Sea is collection of photographs curated in celebration of Fisher’s 15 page portfolio in the upcoming August issue of The Surfer’s Journal (issue 22.4). The imagery spans nearly twenty years of traveling the globe, from the Maldives to Montauk. Show runs through end of August.

Friday, June 21, 2013

SCOTT SZEGESKI- showing through mid July

"Inspiration. Craftsmanship, food, family, form, tradition, memory, travel.

For me this is where it started. While on line waiting for medicine for my dog, I saw gyotaku prints from a fellow in New Hampshire. While admiring the work a lightbulb went off in my head. While I admire the beauty of fish, the subject matter doesn't interest me enough to peruse full printing of actual fish. Surfboards and attachments to surfboards is what interests me. The gal or guy that first carved a fishtail into a piece of foam for surfing must have been looking at actual fish tails and how they moved through the water...It's those associations that inspire my work. The idea of printing something that might be gone tomorrow is a novel idea. The ability trough an age old technique to preserve a shape that can be reproduced many many years from now, seems important. I guess, at least to me.

Any surfboard can be printed using my technique. Like I have done with the different ones you see here, and the ones I will print for my daughters when they start surfing themselves.

All surfboards are printed on traditional koji paper from Japan. I use traditional, slightly modified, sumi ink. And try, when I can, to stick to the tradition of many of the printers before me."

Scott Szegeski