Thursday, May 30, 2013

View from the Window- Photography by Grant Monahan

Grant Monahan is a young photographer born and raised in Montauk NY. His family's incredibly popular beach side food wagon, the "Ditch Witch" has basically been his home away from home his entire life and is the basis of this great series of photographs. the frame from which he stares out of day after day stays the same while the seemingly endless parade of subjects step into view.
The gallery series consists of 28 beautifully framed portraits and a companion hard cover book.
                                                   Show run's until June 11th 2013


  1. Got a chance to interview Grant Monahan right before the Gallery Opening - Here's the piece on Tinsel & Tine -

  2. Amazing!
    Are you still showing the photographs? Where?
    Love to see them!
    Do you also Photoshop yourself?